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Alpha Projects Services

Construction & Demolition Services

Alpha Projects have hands-on experience in many diverse situations and projects, having worked right across Malta on building sites, demolition projects and site excavation, levelling and grading.


Demolition often needs to be carried out in tight spaces and built-up areas. Having the right equipment is important, but proper planning is imperative in situations like these. We will take care of everything, including a including the logistics of closing roads, shifting of any utilities and planning forwards to  get the job done in the safest and most efficient way possible whilst causing the least inconvenience to the neighbours and the public. We also have our own Site Technical Officer and are fully compliant with the new regulations.

Drum Cutting

Drum cutting is a useful technique in several situations. The advantages over trimming with a hydraulic hammer is the smooth finish of the wall and lack of vibration emitted during this process.  This is particularly useful when trimming close to third party property. Our preferred method in such cases is to use the hydraulic hammer up to a distance of one metre. The exposed rock is then inspected for weaknesses and if necessary, reinforced accordingly. Only once the rock's structural integrity has been ascertained should any attempt be made to cut the rock closer or flush with third party walls. 

Drum Cutting Services Malta.jpeg

Excavation is our core service. We excel in excavating in tight spaces and advance planning is required. Whether the job requires a hammer or a bucket, you can be sure that it's done properly, in safety, and with utmost consideration for third parties. We can guarantee speed as we employ an army of truck stevedores and are able to remove up to 800 cubic metres of material per day. The picture above shows us carrying out work in Chadwick lakes where we regularly exceeded these volumes. When speed is required, we can deliver it.

STO - Site Technical Officer

Recent legislation has created a new position known as the STO - the Site Technical Officer. The STO's role is to oversee that the job is carried out as described within the Method Statement drawn up by the Architect. Alpha Projects immediately decided to comply with this requirement and provides its own-in house STO service and employs fully-qualified professionals. We believe that we should provide a complete solution including the regulatory paperwork without adding any administrative burdens onto our Clients.  

Site Technical Officer at Malta Construction Site
Method Statement.jpg
Method Statements

Drafting demolition and excavation method statements is a sensitive affair as these are generally the trickiest phases of a project. A demolition contractor requires an excellent working structural working knowledge so as to demolish buildings safely and efficiently. For excavation, a sound understanding of geology is required. Thus demolition and excavation method statements may be very specialized affairs depending on the job. Alpha Projects can draft method statements whenever required which are drafted by our fully-qualified and warranted in-house architects.

Site Levelling & Grading

​There's much more to levelling works than meets the eye. A proper road of car park should  have proper water run-off to prevent puddles and be well compacted not to experience subsidence. To achieve the desired result, levelling is done by spreading aggregate in layers starting with the roughest material at the base and progressively using finer material. Each layer is about thirty centimetres thick and is compacted with four passes of a road roller to ensure surface stability and prevent subsidence.

Malta Building Site Levelling & Grading.jpg
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